Botanic Café Menu


Prawn & Chilli Scrambled Eggs

Tiger prawns, green peas, fresh chilli & coriander on your choice of sourdough/ brioche /multigrain toast
[GF + $2] [CROISSANT + $3] [V]

Smashed Avo

Meredith feta, poached egg, heirloom tomato and pistachio dukkah with a Bloody Mary dressing on the toast of your choice [GF + $2] [V] [VGO]
Add: sous vide free range chicken breast + $8 Smoked

Salmon Benedict

“Melbourne Pantry”smoked salmon, poached eggs, hollandaise sauce on crumpet [VO]
Option: Smoked ham instead of salmon – 24 Add: fresh avo / sautéed spinach + $6

Chicken & Avo Salad

Free range sous vide chicken breast, broccoli, avocado, halloumi, boiled egg and roasted almond flakes with maple & honey dressing [GF] [VO]
Option : Tiger prawns instead of chicken [GF] – 32

Botanic Oat Porridge

Banana, fresh berries, poached pear, candied hazelnut with almond milk, maple syrup and icing sugar [VG]

French Toast

Brioche, banana, fresh mixed berries, mascarpone & candied hazelnut with maple syrup [V] Add: Ice Cream + $3 / Crispy Bacon + $6.5

Botanic Classic Big Breakfast

Smoked bacon, kransky, mushrooms, grilled tomato, spinach and homemade hash brown with your choice of eggs and toast [GF + $2] [VO]

Chicken & Mushroom Jian Bing

Singaporean-style crepe wrapped with free range teriyaki chicken, button mushrooms, baby spinach, grated cheese served with roasted sesame sauce [VO]

Beef Jian Bing

Singaporean-style crepe wrapped with braised beef, coriander, spring onion, crispy wonton pastry served with pasted sesame sauce

Wagyu Burger
Cheddar, lettuce, fresh tomato, pickles, tomato relish and mayo in a brioche bun with French fries & tomato sauce [VO]

Tuna Poke Bowl

Fresh tuna, mango, avocado, wakame, edamame, pink ginger, red cabbage, warm brown rice with roasted sesame sauce [VGO]

Beef Short Rib
Rendang sauce served with saffron rice and roti bread

King Salmon

Crispy skin New Zealand king salmon on a bed of potato spinach smash and saffron velouté

Seafood Linguine

King salmon, tiger prawns, local scallops, Cloudy Bay clams, cherry tomatoes, garlic & chilli with Bianco sauce
Option: mushroom instead of salmon – 24

Free Range Eggs Your Way

Poached, scrambled or fried on the toastof your choice
[V] [GF + $2]

Just Toast

Choice of sourdough / multigrain / brioche / fruit toast with 2 spreads [V] [GF + 2]


Sautéed mushroom / Grilled tomato Sautéed baby spinach / Fresh avo $6

Halloumi / Smoked ham / Bacon Kransky Sausage/ Homemade hash brown $6.5

Sous vide free range chicken breast $8

Bowl of french fries $10

Sweet potato chips $12.50

Saturday Surcharge – 10% / Sunday & Public Holiday Surcharge – 15%
V-Vegetarian / VO-Vegetarian Option / VG-Vegan / VGO-Vegan Option / GF-Gluten Free / GFO-Gluten Free Option

Please ask our friendly staff for Daily Specials, Dessert Options and any Dietary Requirements you may need.



Espresso 4
Double Espresso 4.5
Long Black 4.5
Batch Brew 5.5
Cold Brew 5.5

Cappuccino 5
Latte 5
Flat White 5
Magic 5
Piccolo 5
Mocha 5.5
Short Macchiato 4.5
Long Macchiato 5
Dirty Chai 7.5


Babyccino 2
Warm Milk 3
Chai Tea 6
Hot Chocolate 6

Black Sesame Latte 6.8
Chai Latte 7
Matcha Latte 7
Beetroot Latte 6
Turmeric Latte 6.8

Extra: Large + $1, Strong + $0.5, Soy / Oat / Almond / Lactose Free + $0.8.


English Breakfast $5
A classic tea of quality and aroma that captures the true English experience

French Earl Grey $5
Black tea with oil of Bergamot, Provincial flowers with a hint of Mango

Peppermint $5
Refreshing to the palate with a strong clean mint taste. Every cup of tea will provide you with 8% of your RDI of iron, add a slice of lemon to achieve an even higher absorption.

Supreme Green $5
This pure delight which encapsulates an Eastern tradition with its many health enhancing qualities. Pure to the body! Low caffeine

Lemongrass & Ginger $5
Ginger root, Lemongrass, Echinacea, White tea
Immune booster, anti-nausea, high potent antioxidant, great if you are prone to getting sick or feel the flu coming on. Every cup of tea will provide you with 5% of your RDI of iron. Extremely low caffeine

Warm Spicy $5 (caffeine free)
Apple pieces, Hibiscus, Orange peels, Rosehip peels, Star anise, Cinnamon, Cloves, Allspice, Cornflowers blossom, Currants, Natural colour and flavour. Abundant in exotic fruit & spices and warming to the soul. Caffeine free

Blue Magic $5 (caffeine free)
Butterfly Pea, Chamomile, Rose Petals, Natural colour and flavour. Every cup of this tea will provide you with 3% of your RDI of iron. Add a squeeze of lemon to achieve an even higher absorption and change to purple. Caffeine free

Home Made Cold Pressed Juice

Citrus Medley
Orange, apple, pineapple, lime and mint

Super Green

Kale, celery, mint, pineapple, apple and ginger

Apple Juice 8 – Orange Juice 8

Smoothie 12.50

Tropical Fusion
Mango, banana, Greek yogurt and honey

Avocolada Avocado
banana, spinach, apple juice with organic coconut water

Berry Overloaded
Mixed berry, banana and mango Nectar


Mimosa 16
Aperol Spritz 16
Espresso Martini 18
Margarita 18
Bloody Mary 18

Horizon Freeze 14 Virgin Mojito 14 Fruit Punch 14


Asahi Super Dry 10
Corona 10
Peroni Red 10
Heineken 10.0 (non alc) 8


Whiskey 14 Gin 14 Vodka 14

Sparking / Soft Drinks

Mt Franklin Spring Water 500ml $4
Capi $5
Grapefruit /Tonic /Lemonade/ Soda
S. Pellegrino Sparkling Water
250ml $5 750ml $9.5
Coke $4
Bundaberg $4
Ginger Beer / Lemon, Lime & Bitters

Champagne / Sparkling

Santa Margheria 12 / 48 Prosecco
Piper – Neidiseck / 95 – Champagne
Red Grape Sparkling / 28 (non alc)
White Grape Sparkling / 28 (non alc)


St Louis De Provence 12 / 48

White Wine

Red bank – Pinot Gris 11.5 / 45
Heirloom – Sauvignon Blanc 13 / 55
Kooyong Clondale – Chardonnay 16 / 70
House White 10

Red Wine

Heathcote – Shiraz 13 / 55
Tarrawarra – Pinot Noir 16 / 65
Sister’s Run – Cab Sauvignon 11.5 / 45
House Red 10

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